Scheduled MaintnenceA number of our customers use routine scheduled maintenance to keep their vehicles running longer in good working condition. The time and effort you can save by routine check ups can add up to big money in the long run.

Your vehicle manufacturing company developed a maintenance schedule for regular service times that are unique to your vehicle. However, in case you lost or misplaced your schedule – you can check out our easy-to-follow vehicle care checklists to stay informed about the routine needs of your automobile. At Morris Radiator it’s common for us to keep our customers vehicles running nicely with 100,000 or 200,000 miles.

There are procedures and checks that your car needs at varying intervals. We’ve divided them by months and mileage, offering you maintenance checklists to perform every three months, every six months, and annually. CLICK HERE TO SEE A MAINTENANCE CHART

Keep up with these easy jobs and you’ll save yourself a bundle.