Ensuring Safety & Reliability

One of the most important systems in your vehicle is the braking system. Your brakes need to be in top condition, reliable and durable in order to guarantee your vehicle’s optimal performance as well of the safety of its driver and passengers. At Morris Car Care Center, we give thorough brake inspections to ensure that when your foot presses down on that brake pedal, your vehicle will slow and stop effectively and consistently. We work hard to give you peace of mind and a safe, smooth ride every time you pull out of the driveway.

We offer a variety of brake services outside of inspection. We replace worn brake pads and/or brake shoes, which can save you money in the long run by eliminating any grinding that can damage expensive rotors or drums. We also resurface or replace rotors and drums, depending on which option is best for you and your current situation. We replace brake fluid as needed and can make adjustments to eliminate any squeaking, slipping or grinding. At Morris Car Care Center, the safety of our customers is our top priority, so make an appointment with our team to ensure your safety and have peace of mind.

Our Customers Say

“They do excellent work. Sal and his staff are excellent and can be trusted. Highly recommend.”

Joseph G.

“Sal and Chris- not enough space here to write everything! 04 ford dump !!!! Resurrected to running mint ! Your honesty and loyalty have earned you my business for life!!!! Thanks guys awesome work!!!!”

Steve I.

No one else touches my car. Sal and his crew are the best. Awesome work and someone who you can trust!!!!!! Having been going to see Sal for thirty years. My family goes there as well.”

Irene P.

Excellent service! Highly recommend!”

Mark S.
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